Excess Correlation between pairs of individuals separated by extreme distances has been demonstrated by the Neuroscience Research Group’s Consciousness Laboratory. The interdisciplinary team of scientists who completed this study would like to make open how it works, how you can replicate this study, and how you can experience non-local information processing for yourself.


The materials needed are not expensive and can be made at home with your own hands. These step by step videos will guide you through the process of putting the technology together.


To better understand how we explore this phenomenon in the lab, the following video demonstrates our recommended Excess Correlation procedure. The links below provide the .ino files necessary to generate the magnetic fields with the Arduino, as well as a guide in PDF.

Arduino Software Instruction Guide Primer Field Effector Field


Our most recent study demonstrated Excess Correlation between people separated by the Atlantic Ocean, at distances exceeding 6000km. Pairs of individuals were simultaneously measured between our laboratory in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and both Berlin, Germany and Madrid, Spain. Here you can download this latest study, as well other research completed by our group to demonstrate and explore the nature of the Excess Correlation phenomenon.

Complete EEG datasets for the primary study are to be made available here. Please check back soon.


Successful application of the Excess Correlation set-up can lead to a variety of results, based uniquely on the individuals who participate. Please take the time to share with us your experiences. This will greatly assist future research, and support the open development of the phenomenon.